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    2023 Over 45 A Cup Winner - Kal Tire
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    2023 Over 35 Cup Winner - Kidston FC
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    2023 Div 1 Cup Winner - Okanagan FC
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    2023 Div 2 Cup Winner - Kidston FC
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    2023 Over 45 B Cup Winner - Pioneer Coffee
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    2023 Div 3B Cup Winner - Affordable Disposal FC
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    2023 Div 3A Cup Winner - Canco's Apna FC


Posted 10/15/2023 Ref # 91

Obituary for Matt Lenarduzzi

As many of you know by now, Matt Lenarduzzi our Web Master for the last 14 years recently lost his battle with Cancer.  Matt has been an intricate part of the Kelowna Men’s Soccer League, managing the web site but also the main point of contact for many managers, coaches and players throughout the season.  He was one of the people associated with the League that constantly went over and above what was asked of him, was eager to do what was right and never hesitated to help out with the league and issues that we were having.

Matt, although not a player, was a great fan of soccer in Kelowna and could often be found at ENCO games or at the playoffs and cup games.   His efforts, dedication and commitment to our league will not quickly be forgotten and are greatly appreciated by our 1000+ members.
Our soccer hearts go out to his family and friends.  He will be missed
Matt loved to walk the Mission Greenway, so his brother Steve Lenarduzzi will be holding a very informal gathering to remember his brother at the Mission Park Greenway picnic area on Springield road Sunday October 22 from Noon - 2pm.  Please plan to attend - even briefly, to remember Matt amongst his friends.

Posted 6/8/2023 Ref # 79

Royal Cup

Posted 4/26/2023 Ref # 77

Disciplinary rule update

Please note the updated BCSA / KMSL Suspension / Appeal / Performance Bond Information for 2023:

  • Individual Player Accumulated Yellow Card suspensions are issued at the 3rd yellow card of the season (1 game), 4th yellow card of the season (1 game), 5th yellow card of the season (1 game), 6th and any further yellow cards (2-8 games).  Accumulated Yellow card suspensions cannot be appealed.
  • Red Card suspensions of 3 or less games cannot be appealed as this is the BCSA suspension appeal minimum.  The KMSL follows all BCSA Suspension & Appeal guidelines.  The minimum suspension allowable by the BCSA is applied to all KMSL suspensions (without extenuating circumstances).
  • Reminder that Team Dissent Fines are issued at the team's 5th Dissent card ($50) and any further Dissent cards with the fine increasing in amount by $25 each time.
  • All player and team fines are assessed to the team's Performance Bond.
  • Team Performance Bond account must be kept above the $100 level at all times throughout the season or risk forfeiture of the next scheduled league / playoff game.

It is the responsibility of the team manager to know and inform team members of the current game, league, and provincial disciplinary rules.  These rules are viewable on the website under "Media/Misc" / Documents.  


Link to provincial governing body BCSA for suspension information is:

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Division 1

1  High Definition Crew14120267224536
2  Kelowna United1590645351027
3  Franco's FC158164039125
4  Okanagan FC156092739-1218
5  Glory Days Athletics145184341216
6  Carlton FC1530121864-469

Division 2

1  Kidston FC18171076166052
2  Canco's Apna FC18132355243141
3  Roasters189364739830
4  Rutland Young Boys FC189094748-127
5  Knights FC1766544311324
6  Ginga FC187383839-124
7  Island Futbol Club186393839-121
8  Lizards FC185494442219
9  Pareto Systems FC1732122149-2811
10  Grenfell United18201618101-836

Division 3

- Pool: A
1  Sterling United17132260322841
2  Canco's Apna FC Division 317120537221536
3  Watson Brothers Rented Mules17101643311231
4  Pen City FC1792655342129
5  Atletico Cuervos1783648381027
6  Marauders FC1782738281026
7  Prehofer Plumbing & Gas Fitting Euro FC176292235-1320
8  Red Devils175392941-1218
9  Welton Arms Albion FC1740132862-3412
10  Caius the Great Foundation FC1721142966-377

Division 3

- Pool: B
1  Rhinos FC159423482631
2  Affordable Disposal FC157443324925
3  Westside1565435231223
4  Lakeshore FC156363228421
5  Kidston LCFC155461425-1119
6  K-Town FC1520131050-406

Over 35

1  Kidston FC (o35)19151381295246
2  Acera FC19131552351740
3  Penticton Pinnacles19121667254237
4  Franco's FC19113570363436
5  Gneiss Primo FC19100956411530
6  Pro Motion FC1981104447-325
7  Misfits FC1931153176-4510
8  Westside Lakers19001920132-1120

Over 45

1  Enco/IFC Rented Mules18143174205445
2  Kal Tire18141367214643
3  Arnold Construction FC17124166214540
4  Align FC18102663382532
5  Penticton FC1591557203728
6  Alves Bros. FC178094652-624
7  Pioneer Coffee176293241-920
8  Wards Cider1841133272-4013
9  One Yoga Lions1822143069-398
10  Brandt's Creek18001811124-1130
See Standings for All Divisions
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