Kelowna Men's Soccer League
  • 2022 Division 3 Pool A Cup winners

    2022 Division 3 Pool A Cup winners

    Canco's Apna FC
  • 2022 Division 2 Pool B Cup winners

    2022 Division 2 Pool B Cup winners

    Roil Pikeys FC
  • 2022 Over 45 Pool A winners

    2022 Over 45 Pool A winners

    Arnold Construction FC
  • 2022 Over 35 Cup winners

    2022 Over 35 Cup winners

    Kidston&Co FC/Kal Tire
  • 2022 Division 3 Pool B Cup winners

    2022 Division 3 Pool B Cup winners

    Marauders FC
  • 2022 Division 2 Pool A Cup winners

    2022 Division 2 Pool A Cup winners

    Okanagan FC



Posted 5/8/2023 Ref # 79

Royal Cup



Registration for the 2023 Royal Cup is now underway!  


This is a 32-team FA Cup style tournament (single knockout) that takes place on 6 Sunday's during the 2023 season (June 25, July 16, Aug. 13, Aug. 27 (Quarter-Finals), Sep. 24 (Semi-Finals) and Oct. 1 (Final)).  The tournament is open to all men's league teams in the BC Interior.  This event is for "league teams only" and is not open to "tournament teams". 


There is no charge to enter this event for KMSL "Open" Division teams (Div. 1, 2, 3A, 3B).  The fee for 35+, 45+, 55+ and non-KMSL divisional teams is $220


As with the FA Cup tournament format, lower division teams will enter the tournament first, with higher division teams entering in the later rounds. 45+ & 55+ teams will enter with the Div. 3 teams, 35+ will enter with the Div. 2 teams.


Match fixtures are done by random draw.  There is no rescheduling of Royal Cup games.  All games will be played in Kelowna.


All Royal Cup Team rosters are frozen & and must be submitted by Midnight, Saturday, June 24.  Rosters are frozen for the complete tournament. There are no call-ups allowed for Royal Cup play.


Individuals who are registered on KMSL Open division teams AND 35+, 45+, 55+ team can play on each of the teams they are registered with in the tournament.  They are not tied to just one team.


Registration for the event is "first e-mail, first entered" at

Teams that must pay the entry fee must do so by e-transfer to the same e-mail address, at the time of registration.

Registration deadline is Monday, June 5 (or earlier if tournament is full).

Posted 4/26/2023 Ref # 77

Disciplinary rule update

Please note the updated BCSA / KMSL Suspension / Appeal / Performance Bond Information for 2023:

  • Individual Player Accumulated Yellow Card suspensions are issued at the 3rd yellow card of the season (1 game), 4th yellow card of the season (1 game), 5th yellow card of the season (1 game), 6th and any further yellow cards (2-8 games).  Accumulated Yellow card suspensions cannot be appealed.
  • Red Card suspensions of 3 or less games cannot be appealed as this is the BCSA suspension appeal minimum.  The KMSL follows all BCSA Suspension & Appeal guidelines.  The minimum suspension allowable by the BCSA is applied to all KMSL suspensions (without extenuating circumstances).
  • Reminder that Team Dissent Fines are issued at the team's 5th Dissent card ($50) and any further Dissent cards with the fine increasing in amount by $25 each time.
  • All player and team fines are assessed to the team's Performance Bond.
  • Team Performance Bond account must be kept above the $100 level at all times throughout the season or risk forfeiture of the next scheduled league / playoff game.

It is the responsibility of the team manager to know and inform team members of the current game, league, and provincial disciplinary rules.  These rules are viewable on the website under "Media/Misc" / Documents.  


Link to provincial governing body BCSA for suspension information is:

Posted 4/17/2023 Ref # 76

2023 season

The start of the 2023 season is upon us.  The board has approved the draft budget for the 2023 season and as such we have posted the league fees.  Please have your fees paid in full by May 01.  We are not chasing teams for fees.  Failure to pay will result in suspension in play until all fees are paid.

We are looking forward to a great season.  If you have any questions about your team fees, please contact your division rep.  Contact info is located in the “contact us” drop down menu on the web site.


Posted 4/5/2023 Ref # 74


The schedules are now posted.  This is the KMSL’s first full post COVID season and it is going to be full and exciting.  We have 50 teams this year so fields and referee crews are tight.  We have been able to get back to our distinct divisions which means the league will implement promotion and relegation next season to help balance the 2024 season.  The board and our league scheduler have done our best to insure fair play and a balance of teams.  We ask that you do your part, play fair, follow the rules and have some fun as we move back to our regular formats.  Playoff schedules will be posted soon along with the individual team league fees.

Posted 11/3/2022 Ref # 65

Team nicknames

Teams are strongly encouraged to select a team nickname.  For example Sterling “Hawks" or Encora “professional football club”.  These nicknames can follow a team while sponsors can change yearly.  The KMSL administration and accounting have extreme difficulty tracking performance bonds, fines and players when team names constantly change.   A permanent nickname would  go a long way to reducing our administrative time and expenses.  If you can, select a team nickname and keep it constant moving forward.
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Division 1

1Kelowna United640222111112
2High Definition Crew5302199109
3Franco's FC6303171709
4Okanagan FC63031420-69
5Glory Days Athletics5203181626
6Carlton FC6204724-176

Division 2

1Kidston FC77003362721
2Canco's Apna FC7502149515
4Rutland Young Boys FC74031717012
5Island Futbol Club7304171529
6Pareto Systems FC73041016-69
7Knights FC7223201558
8Ginga FC72231617-18
9Lizards FC7214181807
10Grenfell United7007345-420

Division 3

- Pool: A
1Sterling United65102271516
2Canco's Apna FC Division 365011971215
3Watson Brothers Rented Mules6411138513
4Red Devils622211928
5Pen City FC521211927
6Welton Arms Albion FC62041016-66
7Marauders FC512256-15
8Atletico Cuervos61231417-35
9Prehofer Plumbing & Gas Fitting Euro FC6123716-95
10Caius the Great Foundation FC6015926-171

Division 3

- Pool: B
1Lakeshore FC53028629
3Rhinos FC521210467
4Kidston LCFC52125507
5Affordable Disposal FC521278-17
6K-Town FC5203519-146

Over 35

1Kidston FC (o35)65012781915
2Penticton Pinnacles75022571815
3Franco's FC750225131215
4Acera FC6501178915
5Gneiss Primo FC7304171619
6Pro Motion FC73041921-29
7Misfits FC7106930-213
8Westside Lakers70071147-360

Over 45

1Enco/IFC Rented Mules66002852318
2Arnold Construction FC650127101715
3Penticton FC54012351812
4Kal Tire6402159612
5JVL FC63031319-69
6Wards Cider5212181177
7Pioneer Coffee6204714-76
8Align FC62041220-86
9One Yoga Lions6015920-111
10Brandt's Creek6006241-390
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