Kelowna Men's Soccer League
  • 2022 Over 45 Pool A winners

    2022 Over 45 Pool A winners

    Arnold Construction FC
  • 2022 Division 3 Pool A Cup winners

    2022 Division 3 Pool A Cup winners

    Canco's Apna FC
  • 2022 Division 2 Pool A Cup winners

    2022 Division 2 Pool A Cup winners

    Okanagan FC
  • 2022 Division 3 Pool B Cup winners

    2022 Division 3 Pool B Cup winners

    Marauders FC
  • 2022 Division 2 Pool B Cup winners

    2022 Division 2 Pool B Cup winners

    Roil Pikeys FC
  • 2022 Over 35 Cup winners

    2022 Over 35 Cup winners

    Kidston&Co FC/Kal Tire

There will be a tournament on the May long weekend this year for men's and women's teams in over 35, over 45, over 55 and over 60. The details and registration info are in the links below:


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2023 season update

The KMSL volunteer board had its spring meeting and there are some important items for managers to note.


Schedules will be posted the week of April 01

League fees will be posted April 15

Balance of league fees due May 01.  Non-payment will result in suspension of play.


Playoffs will be held on back to back weekends this year to create a tournament style atmosphere.

Dates and locations will be published with the regular season schedule on the web site.


The Royal Cup is a GO!!    The longest running tournament in the Interior of BC is back after a COVID break.  Stay tuned for details - play starts in mid-summer.

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Kelowna referee courses

Want to make some extra cash? 

Love the beautiful game but tired of getting hurt? 

Want to give back to the game? 

Become a referee!


Referee courses are offered through BC Soccer so you register through them. The instructions are in attachments in this email. If the participant is 12 - 13 they should take the Small Sided course, if 14 or older then the Entry Level course. You have to attend all sessions in a course, you can not mix the sessions between the courses. 


Central Okanagan Courses are listed below.


Small-sided courses – two x 2 hour Zoom sessions and one 2.5 hour on field session.

Age Requirement: Applicants enrolling in Small Sided Clinics must be 12 years of age on or before December 31 of the current year. This is a firm requirement set by Canada Soccer.

Course 1902 – March 24 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, March 31 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, April 7 – Field (Beasley) - 10am – 12pm

Course 1900 – Feb 27 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, March 13 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, April 3 – Field (CNC) 5pm – 7pm

Course 1901 - March 7 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, March 14 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, April 4 – Field (CNC) 5pm – 7pm

Course 1906 - Feb 16 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Feb 23 – Zoom 6:30pm – 8:30pm, March 12 – Field (CNC) 11am – 1pm

Small sided refereeing is a great first job for 12 and 13 year olds! 


Entry Level course – one x 2.5 hour Zoom session and on2 3.5 hour field session

Age Requirement: Applicants enrolling in Entry Level Clinics must be 14 years of age on or before December 31 of the current year. This is a firm requirement set by Canada Soccer.

Course 1899 – Feb 25 – Zoom 10am – 12:30pm, March 18 – Field (CNC) 8am – 11:30am


Fees paid range from $20 - $32.50 per game for small sided games and from $30 - $80 for full sided games.

 To register go to this link:

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Team nicknames

Teams are strongly encouraged to select a team nickname.  For example Sterling “Hawks" or Encora “professional football club”.  These nicknames can follow a team while sponsors can change yearly.  The KMSL administration and accounting have extreme difficulty tracking performance bonds, fines and players when team names constantly change.   A permanent nickname would  go a long way to reducing our administrative time and expenses.  If you can, select a team nickname and keep it constant moving forward.
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CNC indoor soccer 2022/2023

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Statement from the KMSL board

A reminder to ALL players, managers and officials of the KMSL:  discrimination of any kind on account of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, religion, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited and punishable by lengthy suspension or expulsion from the league.  The board members and staff of the KMSL strive to create and operate a safe and inclusive league, free of the issues above.  Discrimination has no place in our league and will not be tolerated.


Full News


Division 1

1 Capri CMW FC00000000
2 Carlton FC00000000
3 Franco's FC00000000
4 High Definition Crew00000000
5 Kelowna United00000000
6 Okanagan FC00000000

Division 2

1 Canco's Apna FC00000000
2 Ginga FC00000000
3 Grenfell United00000000
4 Island Futbol Club00000000
5 Kidston&Co FC00000000
6 Knights FC00000000
7 Lizards FC00000000
8 Pareto Systems FC00000000
9 Roasters00000000
10 Rutland Young Boys FC00000000

Division 3

- Pool: A
1 Atletico Cuervos00000000
2 Caius the Great Foundation FC00000000
3 Canco's Apna FC Division 300000000
4 Marauders FC00000000
5 Pinnacles00000000
6 Prehofer Plumbing & Gas Fitting Euro FC00000000
7 Red Devils00000000
8 Sterling United00000000
9 Watson Brothers Rented Mules00000000
10 Welton Arms Albion FC00000000

Division 3

- Pool: B
1 Affordable Disposal FC00000000
2 K-Town FC00000000
3 Kidston LCFC00000000
4 Lakeshore FC00000000
5 Rhinos FC00000000
6 Westside00000000

Over 35

1 Acera FC00000000
2 Franco's FC00000000
3 Gneiss Primo FC00000000
4 Kidston&Co FC (o35)00000000
5 Misfits FC00000000
6 Penticton Pinnacles00000000
7 Pro Motion FC00000000
8 Westside Lakers00000000

Over 45

1 Align FC00000000
2 Arnold Construction FC00000000
3 Brandt's Creek00000000
4 Enco/IFC Rented Mules00000000
5 JVL FC00000000
6 Kal Tire00000000
7 One Yoga Lions00000000
8 Penticton FC00000000
9 Pioneer Coffee00000000
10 Wards Cider00000000
See Standings for All Divisions
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