Kelowna Men's Soccer League
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    2021 Over 35 KMSL champions Capri CMW
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    2021 Div 1/2 A pool final winners Okanagan FC
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    2021 Div 1/2 B Pool final winners Lizards FC
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    2021 Div 3 B Pool champions Kelowna BMW Mini FC
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    2021 Division 3 A pool champions Atletico Cuervos
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    2021 Over 45 Men's League champs Kal Tire FC Vernon
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Posted 1/13/2022 Ref # 54


Save the date!   KMSL 2021 AGM  and registration for the 2022 season is scheduled for 7 pm February 01 2022.  Location is TBD based on COVID restrictions.  An online Zoom AGM is an option.

Posted 10/4/2021 Ref # 53

2021 KMSL playoffs

Congratulations to the Okanagan FC, Lizards FC, Atletico Cuervos, Kelowna BMW Mini FC and Capri CMW for their cup wins in their respective pools/league. The Pool A winners in over 45 were Kal Tire Vernon, congratulations!
Posted 9/22/2021 Ref # 52

Field clean up

A reminder to teams to clean up after themselves (ie. cans, tape, garbage) after their games.  We have received complaints from the municipal parks departments about this issue.  Teams have and will be fined for littering at match locations.

Thank you,

KMSL board

Posted 9/18/2021 Ref # 51

Playoff Rule clarification

A reminder to teams that in case of a regulation tie, the game will go to 2 ten minute halves of extra time followed by penalty kicks if still tied.
Posted 9/14/2021 Ref # 50

Found item

A men's ring was found at the Beasley soccer fields after last Friday's game.  If you have lost your ring, please contact Ken Hutchison from Zamunda 250-864-4713.

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Welcome to Kelowna Men's Soccer League

  1. To foster and promote the welfare and enjoyment of its members in the district in which the League is authorized to operate. By way of promoting, conducting, cultivating, advancing, encouraging, and fostering an interest in the game of Soccer for which facilities are provided. 
  2. To promote and assist in the promotion of provincial, national and international games, demonstrations or other events in conjunction with soccer.
  3. Commitment to encourage an excellence in coaching and officiating at all levels. The ongoing education of coaches and officials is furthered by attending clinics, workshops and seminars.
  4. At the board’s discretion, to affiliate with the B.C. Soccer Association subject to the rules and regulations of that body.
  5. At the board’s discretion, to become a member of, or co-operate with, any other society, club, association or person for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the League.
  6. To operate, manage, lease, rent, allow the use of, improve or otherwise deal with the property of the league or any part thereof. (Subject to the terms of the by-laws) and upon such terms or in such a matter as the League may direct from time to time.


Division 1/2

 Okanagan Fc1312015574836
 Capri CMW FC13111150212934
 Kelowna United1391335161928
 Apna FC136163130119
 Lizards FC135262224-217
 FC Tigres135262832-417
 90 Degree Joinery134182430-613
 Rutland Young Boys FC131392049-296
 Form and Finish FC131391349-366

Division 3

 Atletico Cuervos12102053193432
 M2systems FC1292154213329
 Pareto Systems FC1281327161125
 Sterling United1280452203224
 Rhinos FC1280435211424
 Watson Brothers Rented Mules1280435241124
 Lake Country FC127052829-121
 Kelowna BMW MINI F.C.125072929015
 Red Devils124173047-1713
 Euro FC124082432-812
 Affordable Disposal FC1220102747-206
 Marauders FC121011942-333
 Soccer Strength Kelowna - Zamunda1210111369-563

Over 35

 CapriCMW FC107212581723
 Prohibition FC1052331211017
 Kal Tire FC Vernon104242527-214
 Penticton Pinnacles102351827-99
 Ram Environmental102171630-147

Over 45

 Kal Tire1110014193230
 Penticton FC1291233122128
 JVL FC1490558352327
 Arnold Construction FC1281349183125
 Pioneer Coffee1170437152221
 One Yoga Lions145184944516
 MindSmart United134091538-2312
 Brandt's Creek1430112667-419
 R&B Construction Rented Mules140014887-790
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