Kelowna Men's Soccer League
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    2021 Div 1/2 B Pool final winners Lizards FC
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    2021 Div 1/2 A pool final winners Okanagan FC
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    2021 Over 45 Men's League champs Kal Tire FC Vernon
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    2021 Division 3 A pool champions Atletico Cuervos
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    2021 Over 35 KMSL champions Capri CMW
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    2021 Div 3 B Pool champions Kelowna BMW Mini FC


Posted 7/28/2022 Ref # 64

CNC indoor soccer 2022/2023

Posted 7/22/2022 Ref # 63

Statement from the KMSL board

A reminder to ALL players, managers and officials of the KMSL:  discrimination of any kind on account of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, religion, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited and punishable by lengthy suspension or expulsion from the league.  The board members and staff of the KMSL strive to create and operate a safe and inclusive league, free of the issues above.  Discrimination has no place in our league and will not be tolerated.


Posted 7/13/2022 Ref # 62

Player registration

The "falsification of player registration" (ie. false / incorrect names, birthdate, multiple registrations) is one of the most serious issues all leagues, including the KMSL, must face.  Players registered under false names or birthdates jeopardize the validity of the league's liability insurance.  Should there be an injury and claim involving a falsely registered player, the league can be found negligent and responsible, by allowing a falsely registered player to participate.


The BCSA, who's rules & guidelines the KMSL follow, has a minimum suspension recommendation of 6 months for the player involved in falsification of registration, and a 12-month suspension for the manager of the team who the player is falsely registered to.  All games the falsely registered player participates in are also forfeited and any applicable forfeit fines are also assessed to the team's performance bond.


It is the player and team manager's responsibility to ensure that all player registrations are accurate and correct.  All KMSL rules around player registration, eligibility and playing in multiple divisions are posted on the website in the Media / Misc. section under "Documents", or by using this link:

Posted 5/19/2022 Ref # 59

Referee shortages

The KMSL is aware that due to referee shortages some games may not have a full compliment of game officials. The league is monitoring all games that have a  less than full compliment of officials and will reimburse each team. This amount will equal the costs not incurred by the league for games where there is a shortage of officials. The refund will be directed to the team's performance bond at the completion of the season.

Posted 5/14/2022 Ref # 57


The 2022 KMSL league fees have now been finalized and are available to view by clicking on the link below:

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Welcome to Kelowna Men's Soccer League

  1. To foster and promote the welfare and enjoyment of its members in the district in which the League is authorized to operate. By way of promoting, conducting, cultivating, advancing, encouraging, and fostering an interest in the game of Soccer for which facilities are provided. 
  2. To promote and assist in the promotion of provincial, national and international games, demonstrations or other events in conjunction with soccer.
  3. Commitment to encourage an excellence in coaching and officiating at all levels. The ongoing education of coaches and officials is furthered by attending clinics, workshops and seminars.
  4. At the board’s discretion, to affiliate with the B.C. Soccer Association subject to the rules and regulations of that body.
  5. At the board’s discretion, to become a member of, or co-operate with, any other society, club, association or person for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the League.
  6. To operate, manage, lease, rent, allow the use of, improve or otherwise deal with the property of the league or any part thereof. (Subject to the terms of the by-laws) and upon such terms or in such a matter as the League may direct from time to time.


Division 2

 Okanagan FC20161383176649
 Capri CMW FC20152367254247
 Carlton FC20132546321441
 Kelowna United20117244202440
 Franco's FC20106452331936
 Kidston&Co FC20105553292435
 Canco's Apna FC20103758471133
 Lizards FC2096562332933
 Knights FC2061135056-619
 Roil Pikeys FC2061134168-2719
 Atletico Cuervos2032152575-5011
 Rutland Young Boys FC2032153554-1911
 K-Town FC20201825130-1056

Division 3

 Pareto Systems FC16141166254143
 Welton Arms Albion FC16122267293838
 Sterling United16121351143737
 Watson Brothers Rented Mules16101553302331
 Red Devils1694343232031
 Canco's Apna FC Division 31694366323431
 Marauders FC167452834-625
 Prehofer Plumbing & Gas Fitting Euro FC167273733423
 Kelowna BMW MINI F.C.166373930921
 Caius the Great Foundation FC166192946-1719
 Affordable Disposal FC165293145-1417
 Rhinos FC1642101335-2214
 Kidston LCFC1641112451-2713
 The Houligans1631123378-4510
 Mervyn’s United1621132357-347

Over 35

 Kidston&Co FC (o35)21152482285447
 Franco's FC21152487375047
 CapriCMW FC21142572304244
 Prohibition FC2110295755232
 Penticton Pinnacles21102984483632
 Gneiss Primo FC218496559628
 Misfits FC2141164692-4613
 Westside Lakers21012019163-1441

Over 45

 Kal Tire18142290147644
 Penticton FC18142266204644
 Arnold Construction FC18133268175142
 Pioneer Coffee18113452272536
 JVL FC1893651401130
 Brandt's Creek1852113266-3417
 One Yoga Lions1843113559-2415
 Enco/IFC Rented Mules1842122765-3814
 MindSmart United1822141672-568
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